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August, 2002

Hi, there's jeff's section in BMG. I thought good to quort: Smooth jazz stalwart Jeff Golub has made a name for himself playing sensitive, soulful guitar on albums by Rick Braun and others, as well as proving his ablilities as a songwriter on a series of fine solo albums. More recently, he's shown his interpretive side. 'Do It Again' is an all-covrs set, in which the guitarist takes on key songs by Van Morrison, Eddie Harris and the Average White Band and makes them his own.
23 August 2002

We are waiting for your concert in Italy!
Come soon!
16 August 2002 - Napoli-Italia

Ronald Burchard |
Hello Jeff, I attented your concert, guitars and saxes, at Ruth Eckert Hall in Clearwater Fl on 8/12/02 and I have never been so impressed with a jazz concert. I took my 15 year old son who was not really into jazz, however, was willing to expand his musical horizon. All of the performers were excellent but the hightlight of the show was your song Naked City dedicated to the 9/11 victims. That song was the most moving experience that I have ever witnessed from an artist. Both my son and I agreed that that song stole the show. We are both going to purchase copies of the CD. Thank you so much for such a entertaining evening and I would like you to know that you have two new fans forever. Warmest regards, Ronald Burchard
14 August 2002 - Saint Petersburg, Florida USA

Rob Masserini |
Dear Jeff,
Really enjoyed your show at Ruth Eckerd Hall this past Saturday. Your playing was a breath of fresh air. Loved your dynamics. Made me wonder if you were using any compression at all. Great web site (especially your spec section).
Thanks, Rob Masserini
14 August 2002 - Largo, FL, USA

Bill; thanks. You are absolutly right!! 2cds amazon $22.98, CD now $20.98, CD univrese $16.98. I put order in. I can hardly wait how the 'Roll With It' and 'Uncle Darrows' sound like.
13 August 2002
Bill Stoll |
Check CD Universe under Album title, it's a compilation cd, Jeff's song DropTop off Dangerous Curves is on it. He's on two other apparently 'new' tracks with Richard Elliot & David Benoit doing Steve Winwood's Roll with it and another one called Uncle Darrows.You can preorder for $16.09 now, $4-6 cheaper than Amazon or CdNow.
13 August 2002 - Scenic City, TN, USA

yoshiko | |
Hi, Jeff, DJ, everyone;
'Do It Again' Japanese version's bonus track is 'careless whisper' (cover of the wharm classic}. (What its that? /Amazon } Jeff, do you remember what you did? Do you recomend to get it? I still don't know what's in 'Dangerous Curves' yet. +++++ Anyone want to check out my entry to the message board of AWB? I wrote about Jeff and Steve Ferrone(the drumer has been recording in Jeff's albums. www. averagewhiteband.com and go to person to person(message board}. Jazz Festival without Jeff frustrated me. David Bowie last night made it worse. Have a good day. Yoshiko
11 August 2002 - Aurora,CO,US

Ryan O'Shea Wolf |
Hey Jeff,
Just wanted to take the time to thankyou for the great seats the other night in Atlanta. It was great to watch and listen to you up there on Stage, playing in front of a crowd like that. I must say that I enjoyed the mix of 'Guitars and Saxes' and that the music seemed to really add a cool vibe to the evening, something different from the ordinary. But once again, I thank you for the chance to watch you play and wish you the best. By the way, talking to the Music person at Media play, your CD is doing quite well in Atlanta, congrats!!
Aequitas et Veritas
11 August 2002 - Georgia

Jeff Golub (the other one) | |
What a pleasure to attend your 'Guitars and Saxes' show last evening in Clearwater. Great show! Enjoyed it muchly. Especially appreciated our seats in the front row center. The sound level when one is that close to the stage, however, makes the music sound like 'Concerto for Jet Engine and Orchestra.' We didn't mind it a bit, though. We had a great time. Good to see you after the show, too. Perhaps we'll have more time next time to talk. My best wishes,
Jeff Golub
11 August 2002 - Tampa, Florida

D.J. Stachniak |
I've seen you 3 times this year and you're fantastic. I got to see you play 'Always There' live in Palm Springs and it was just awesome. What a great song!!
I wanted to write because as I was searching Amazon to see if there were any CDs of yours that I didn't already have, I saw that you can purchase import versions of both Dangerous Curves and Do It Again. It said both of them contained an extra bonus track, but didn't name the track. Is that true? If so, what are the tracks?
Keep up the great music! I saw you at Wave LA last weekend and as usual you were great! Too bad the set was cut short! Oh well!
Take care,
9 August 2002 - Irvine, CA, USA

Jeff Golub (the 'other' one) | |
Yes, it's me again -- the 'other' Jeff Golub. (I need to explain that since your many fans will see this note in the Guestbook and wonder, 'Who is HE?') I just played your new CD, 'Do It Again,' and enjoyed it muchly. Really a pleasure to keep up on your many accomplishments, and this latest one is outstanding. It was also a pleasure to meet you backstage when you played here in Florida a year or so ago. Hope we'll have an opportunity to meet again sometime. Until then, I wish you continued success.
Jeff Golub, Associate Professor of English Education, University of South Florida, Tampa
9 August 2002 - Tampa, Florida

Pam Phelps |
Jeff, WOW!!! The WAVE LA show was great.
I just wish you had more time to play.
'CUT THE CAKE' in the JAM!! I saw AWB
perform that song in the mid 70's, but your version is even better. I guess it helps to have the original drummer from AWB playing on your album. What a great
5 August 2002 - Los Angeles, CA

Harvey |
Hi Jeff:
Listening to 'Drop Top' made me go out and buy a Gibson ES 335. What a cool tune. Could you please put the guitar tabs on your website. Thanks much.
3 August 2002 - Monterey Park, California

Teresa |
Hi Jeff
Your music is really great to listen to. I listen to Smooth Jazz V98.7 at work all day with AZ and Kevin and everytime I hear one of your tracks I have to turn the radio up a little louder. I try not to play it too loud but I can't resist. I love your music.
3 August 2002 - Clinton Township, Michigan

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