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July, 2002

Brad Debbaudt |
Hey Jeff,
I plan on getting your new album. pretty soon. I heard your new song 'Cut The Cake' and I gotta admit, you did a better job than AWB. I love the rythem Luis Conte plays on that one, I once saw Luis Conte live with the Phil Collins Big Band. He is one of the best. I also plan on getting other albums of yours like 'Dangerous Curves', and 'Naked City' and already, I own Avenue Blue's self titled album. It was from you I first heard 'Pick Up The Pieces'. You sound a lot better than AWB on 'Pick Up The Pieces' too. Keep up the good work!
Brad Debbaudt
P.S. I might be at your Guitars & Saxes 2002 show in West Palm Beach next week.
25 July 2002 - Port St. Lucie, FL, USA

Lindsay |
hey, I just head dangerous curves. I heard it ages ago in a shop but only heard it again yesterday.
great tone.
22 July 2002 - australia

Paul Gray |
Jeff, just discovered you although I have been aware of you since your Rod days but thought you were just a rocker!
Love your first album Avenue Blue - Beautiful playing. Will you ever play the UK?
21 July 2002 - Surrey, England

Mitch Weissman |
Hey Jeff. Long time no speak or see. Just checking up on some old friends links and here you were. Just wanted to touch base and say hey. Hope all is well and congratulations on the growing family. All the best, man.
17 July 2002 - New York, NY USA

Marcelo Rocha | |
Hello, Jeff. I like your music a lot but for me it's very difficult to watch you playing alive (I'm talking from Brazil...) and I'd like to know where I can find some videos of your presentations. Thanks.
13 July 2002 - São Paulo, Brazil

Don Richard | |
Love your new Cd especially the Chris Rea cut 'On The Beach'.
9 July 2002 - Saginaw, Mi ,USA

Rodney Kight |
I just discovered you last November. I regret not knowing your sound before then. I love your style. My wife and I are going to be at your Atlanta concert on August 9th...can't wait. You have replaced Wes as my all time favorite guitar player. Thanks so much for the list of equipment you use on your albums. As a hack guitarist I have always wondered what equipment the artist was using to get their unique sound. Love your sound...see you in Hot'lanta August 9th.
8 July 2002 - North Augusta SouthCarolina

Steve Stiles | |
Hey Guys,
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you - and the fans on the website - know that this Thursday, the 4th of July, Watercolors on XM Satellite Radio channel 71 will be airing the live concert of Guitars & Saxes that we recorded last week on their recent stop here in the Nation's Capitol.
We will be airing the whole concert in it's entirety from start to finish at three separate times throughout the day, so that everyone across the time zones will be able to enjoy it. The times are 6am/3am, 1pm/10am and 8pm/5pm.
We would love everyone to join us for this exclusive Watercolors presentation!
All the best!
Steve Stiles
Program Director
Watercolors - XM 71
XM Satellite Radio
2 July 2002 - Washington, DC

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