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June, 2002

Nan |
Hi Jeff - G&S in Reading, PA this past Wednesday was awesome (as always when you are on stage)!! 'Do It Again' is wonderful--I have a hard time taking it out of my player. I didn't get to hear 'Cold Duck Time' live, but I hope you enjoyed the bottle!!! You are always my favorite....
29 June 2002 - Bethlehem PA USA

Vee |
Hello Jeff - I just wanted to let you know that you played a great set at the Birchmere on Sunday. The air went out and it was hotter than anything in there - you and the other artists did a wonderful job. I was glued and was hoping that it would never end. I love the way you do Naked City! I agree with your other fans -- the time you took after the show signing autographs and talking to people was truly incredible. You even gave me a hug (I was all sweaty - thanks!) Thanks a lot for making me and the other fan feel important. You listened to what songs we liked and you are just a down to earth wonderful person. May you never change and keep putting out the hits. I love your new cd as well as the others and I will continue to follow your music. Take care!
25 June 2002 - Temple Hills, MD

Thom Whittey |
Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey! Tuesday night in St. Louis was a helluva lot hotter than that 90 degree temp, with you, Warren, Marc and Mr. Elliot. It was an absolute pleasure to get an opportunity to speak with all of you. With many of today's 'too cool to meet the masses' artists, it's good to see someone who genuinely shakes hands with a gleam in his eye. AND, you brought 'the Avenue' with you! Thanks so much for one of the highlights of my summer. Don't be a stranger to our town, any of you!
22 June 2002 - Belleville, IL

tommy turner | |
hey jeff, i just wanted to say that you got me into jazz a little deeper. i was born & raised in chicago & played the blues scene for 14 years.
21 June 2002 - las vegas,nv.

Hi Jeff - It was my great pleasure (and good fortune) to see you at the G&S shows in both KC and St. Louis. What great, great shows! As always, your performance was excellent. And what a fine mix of wonderfully talented musicians! It was great to see you guys having as much fun as the crowd. The energy and excitement will stay with me for a long time. I only wish that I were heading out for the Navy Pier. I listen to your music all the time, but it's just so cool to get to watch you play. Best of luck with the rest of your tour. Take Care - Jeannine
21 June 2002 - Carthage

Bob Bailey |
Hi Jeff,
Holy cow, I don't believe it. You're finally coming back to Indianapolis. And on a night when I'm not gigging! I'd love to hook up with you while you're in town - it's been too long. If you get this message before Thursday (20th), drop me a line at: guitarplayer@indy.net.
Hope to see you then.
Bob Bailey
17 June 2002 - Indianapolis, Indiana

I listened through 'Unspoken..' to ' Cut..' again. Came to 'There Will Never Be Another You',( the song you dedicated to your fatherer) made me think about my father on this father's day. Then, I thought about whole album, you might have been too ahead of time then, like Leonard Da'binch or Kepler so on those people insisted the earth is circle around the sun instead of the earth is in center but they were treated as crazy...I'm not saying you were treated so, I mean, you should've recongnized better. Now, Instead of play someoneelse's 80's songs, you got great album. Maybe it can be rereased? (not with the picture of leather suits. ha, ha) Thanks for replying to e-mail in the middle of tour. You are so neat person. I'm not sure if I can catch your show this year. Glad to see the other people's entry here to see how your are doing. Yoshiko
16 June 2002

Fonda Kubota |
It was a GREAT pleasure to meet you at Kimball's East in Emeryville on June 1st and our Riverbend Spring Smooth Jazz Festival at Coombs Riverbend Ranch in Madera last Saturday. I really enjoyed watching and photographing both of your performances. You really kicked butt on stage with Richard Elliot, Warren Hill and Marc Antoine! Congratulations are in order here: YEAH! Your single, 'Cut The Cake' is still NUMBER #1 on Radio and Records Smooth Jazz Chart for six weeks. The stain glass origami 'good luck' cranes I've gave you...pretty powerful stuff...HA! Thanks for taking the time from your busy schedule to answer to my email(s) Jeff. I really appreciate your kind responses.
Thanks for getting together with me and my friends Amy Tanouye and Debbie Morgan for a group picture! I just gotten my pictures developed and they are AWESOME!
15 June 2002 - Fresno, California, U.S.A.

Doug Simms | |
Hi Jeff! Thanks for posting the gear info. I've been wondering about your amps for 'Out of the blue' and your archtops, and appreciate you taking the time to post this info. I've been thinking about buying a Vibro King or Two Rock amp, and really like the clean and overdrive tones on 'Out of the Blue'. I'm a longtime Jeff Lorber and AWB fan and love your covers of their music. Thanks for the great playing and music!
11 June 2002 - Montgomery, AL, US

Sam |
Sorry to see that your not coming to the Fraze this year. I really enjoy your music. Maybe you can come to Gilly's in the winter.
11 June 2002 - Dayton, OH

Mike Dollins |
Keep on jammin' them blues.
6 June 2002 - San Diego, CA USA
AL | |
I like your site,
keep up the good work.
5 June 2002

d.j | |
hi jeff been a fan of yours for a while just keep what your doing years ago i loved stuff the band and still do havnt hear anything like that till you your sound and phrazing is much like eric gale but you have your on style im into r@b paul ossolo is from my home town opened a show for one time love to hear and both og you in n.y.c. sometimes thanks duane p.s. did you no that paul won the batting crown when he was 12 in little league sorry paul had to say that
2 June 2002 - meriden

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