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October, 2001

jeff golub i saw the video with lincon goines and steve faronie, i loved your sound! great music
nicky petty <nickstasrv@netscape.com>
wellington, newzealand - Wednesday, October 31, 2001 at 17:12:58 (PST)

Hi Jeff; when I read the other person's letter below about your pain, I felt like my heart is squeezed. Then I remember at Winter Park, I kinda blamed on you not reply to me anymore like you used to. You mentioned about your hand was messed up. I did not get it then. I'm sorry not understanding you and thank you for the great performance. I used to got cracks on my fingers every day from my work and I put Neosporin and wrapped Bandade around on my fingers every night when I went to bed. next day pain was gone, cracks disappered like movie "Mummy Returns". I wear rubbere gloves now and it does not happen. Before I tried gloves I thought "no way, I cannot work on detail with gloves.." Accutualy, it's not so bad. I cannot live without them now. Well maybe your pain is internal one then, whatcha call, oriental massage but not massage, massage rubbes and pushed right on the spot on the pain but that one, push the one point on the arm works for ear, the other point on the leg for backache so on. After I got car acident, my pysical therapist used technic like that and I was surprised. If you find out body chart, your wife can push that spot or when your son get older, he can step on you. Other thing, "Age", human is supposed to have pain and you have to get used to it. My father said befor he died. My bosses at work (good ones) say so, too. Young or old the ones whine are quitters. You wrote about cry baby before. Something like that. I have to have your "myUeeenee" kind sound, I mean sound like play in "Velvet Touch", hot sound like your live.. Take care. Yoshiko

Yoshiko Murata <kurobecca@email.msn.com>
Aurora, CO USA - Tuesday, October 30, 2001 at 19:38:49 (PST)
I noticed you made mention of tendonitis. Is it medial epiconylitis? I've got it on the inside of my left elbow. What a stone drag. I'm wondering what you'd tried to get rid of it. Cortisone clears it up for about 3 months but doesn't get at the root. Acupuncture didn't work. I've been trying prolotherapy, shots of glucose (mostly) right into the elbow. Ouch. I've had 5 sessions and I'm starting to play again but I can't say yet whether or not it's successful. I've also started wearing one of those figure 8 braces that goes above and below the eblow. I'd appreciate any insight you might have.
Is your Strat an L-series? That's what I've got. Had it for 30 years! Totally stock but you've got me thinking about adding a Semour Duncan...
Michael Monagan

Michael Monagan <mmonagan@lausd.k12.ca.us>
Santa Monica, CA USA - Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 20:53:45 (PDT)
Hi. Saw new photoes. Do we have to wait for your new album till the day you get older?! That's kinda looooooong time. Yoshiko
Yoshiko <kurobecca@email.msn.com>
Aurora, co USA - Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 13:58:13 (PDT)

Been diggin your chops for a while as a fellow guitarist, also your tight,sweet sound - SO GLAD you added the tech page and also showed which guitars were used on every track of your discography - wish other great players would do this - really what we other pickers want to know! - I am esp. glad to see you are using a 175 on Dangerous Curves as I have been hearing that lately and tuning into the tones - I have a 1971 blond 175 and love it - what type strings do you use - regs or flats? keep it up man - you're groovin cool and tasty!

Tom sayers <Tsayers@pacbell.net>
Moorpark, CA USA - Wednesday, October 17, 2001 at 15:55:11 (PDT)
Saw you and Warren Hill in Catalina a couple of weekends ago and you were awesome.
I'd even say you were the best of the entire weekend!!! Thanks for all your music.

Tammie H
Sarasota, FL USA - Wednesday, October 17, 2001 at 06:07:42 (PDT)
Hi, again. I did not know why "Tears and Heaven" was palyed at Catalina until Bobbi told me. There was no way to undersand what Warren Hill was saing at Jazz Trax real time then. I believe music is universal language and your works bring back peace to the earth. Yoshiko
Yoshiko <kurobecca@email.msn.com>
Aurora, co USA - Tuesday, October 16, 2001 at 18:34:11 (PDT)
Hi, Jeff. Got Christmas CD last week, yours is the best. It sounds so sweet,happyest, reggae toutch, (because Lee Rienour arranged? Yet,still your phrase coming up!)I like title soung stretched to g# and going into reggae song with tropical back ground. I coudn't make it Catalina, checked it on Jazz trax, a week before that, your Catalina 2000 was played and it was cool to listen to the live of "The Velvet Touch", "Always There" etc the ones not played in G&S. Radio was anouncing you are the one of the artist in LA this Sunday, I wish I could listen to your play some how. Since I got Christmas CD, I listen to a whole CD once, after that, I only listen to your song keep hitting <- botton. Maybe I need to buy another one soon. There was snow on ground here this morning. Let's keep it warm. Happy Holiday! Yoshiko
Yoshiko <kurobecca@email.msn.com>
Aurora, co USA - Monday, October 15, 2001 at 21:24:23 (PDT)
Hi, Jeff

Once again, it was so great to see you and hear you perform at Catalina. You were really "ON" that night (not that you've ever been "OFF")!! It was definitely the highlight of the weekend for us and couldn't think of a better way to have ended it than with you and Warren Hill.

We're glad we ran into you and got a chance to visit a bit. Thanks also for your words in the 9/26/01 Newsletter. It was good to read your thoughts about NY City which you also talked about at Catalina. So glad you and your family are safe and doing well.

Now, when are you coming to Denver?????

Wendy Hopkins <whopkins@kmg.com>
Denver, CO USA - Monday, October 15, 2001 at 07:35:01 (PDT)
Your show with Warren on Sunday night was the highlight of the first weekend of the Catalina festival. You guys rock ( in a bluesy kind of way, of course). Looking forward to seeing you again when you're back in California.
Harry <haparisi@hotmail.com>
Fresno, CA USA - Tuesday, October 09, 2001 at 15:01:21 (PDT)
Hi Jeff, just wanted to say that I got Dangerous curves and I think its a superb album. I heard you on JazzFM in London with Peter White but unfortunately couldnt get to see you play down at the club that night. Have you any plans to play in London again next year maybe?
Best wishes to you and your family,
Billy, London, England.

Billy Medhurst <wills14@lycos.co.uk>
London, England - Tuesday, October 09, 2001 at 12:05:46 (PDT)
Hi Jeff,

I like your music style, i try my best to collect all your cd's. now i have two of your album // Dangerous Curves n Avenue Blue // good luck.

Su Yu Xian <su_yuxian@hotmail.com>
Surabaya, Indonesia - Friday, October 05, 2001 at 20:57:20 (PDT)

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