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October, 1999

What tone! What vibrato! Man
Steve Whitton <bluespwratflash.net>
Los Angeles, ca USA - Wednesday, October 27, 1999 at 00:32:21 (EDT)

Hi Jeff, I heard you with Ave. Blue on the radio 98.1 in 1998. I have been a fan ever since. I play guitar also, and have not been able to break into the local music seen here in San diego. I usually create my own concerts in my garage on saturdays(smile) It sounds dumm right! I have a fender strat deluxe w/lace censers. It plays ok but, I'm having trouble getting the action down close. I got spoiled when I owned a gibson a while back. Got any playing tips ? I'm in desparate need. I don't read music for guitar but I can read music. I guess the only dream I have is to one day play with someone or become the guitar player for someone of your calibar. At age 43, time seems to be slipping fast(smile). Well, I wish you much continued success in the future and if you're ever in San diego and in the market for a home cooked meal, a dip in the pool in a real neighbor hood away from the beaten path in the heart of the city let me know. Harold
Harold Washington <dwashingatsdcoe.k12.ca.us>
San diego, ca USA - Saturday, October 23, 1999 at 15:37:45 (EDT)
(Sir PJ, Handsome Knight of the Realm, sits and ponders his mysterious, unobtrusive black toy box...he sighs) "Wow! The Mt Hood Jazz Festival is today. I should probably get my camera and, oh yes, my sunglasses! Never know about this Portland weather" (he grins....as usual, then peers closely at the toy box) "I wonder if I should venture a look inside for my sunglasses. Darn toy box. Every time I open it, something wacky occurs. Oh well, I'll chance it, I need my sunglasses" (Sir PJ cautiously opens the lid...nothing happens...he breathes a sigh of relief then snags his Schmedley Brand Super WayCool, Style ZT497A Sunglasses and quickly closes the lid) "Whew! That was close. Right arm! Off to the Festival! (later, as Avenue Blue is electrifying the gathered thousands, Sir PJ notices wisps of smoke appearing from the blurred fingers of guitarist Jeff Golub, he gasps) "EGADS! Toy Box delayed reaction! OH-NO!" (as the famed guitarist runs off several more riffs, there is a deafening clap of thunder accompanied by a blinding flash of lightning and suddenly everyone in the band and audience is wearing a pair of cheap sunglasses.....upside down....Sir PJ groans) (grin)
Paul Johnson <sirpjatsirpj.com>
Portland, OR USA - Friday, October 22, 1999 at 22:47:05 (EDT)

Great seeing you and Kenny again at The Lounge on Thursday nite. You both sounded as good as ever. Can't believe it's been over 15 years since we played together. I'd like to stay in touch. You now have my email address...contact me. Next time I come to see you I'll bring R.Z. Bunk with me!


Jerry Cordasco <cordascoatix.netcom.com>
Maplewood, NJ USA - Friday, October 15, 1999 at 09:06:18 (EDT)
Dear Jeff,
Sorry I missed you at Catalina this year. That's where I first saw you in 1993 when you blew the entire festival away! My 15 year old son is now hooked on your music - so we have plenty of Jeff Golub guitar in our house. Come tour the west coast - I can't wait for my son to see you live.
Love ya

Terri <tsmrckaataol.com>
sacramento, california USA - Thursday, October 14, 1999 at 19:26:08 (EDT)
Hi Jeff - you and your band were really fantastic on Sunday at the Catalina Jazztrax Festival. Hope you will tour more in California in the near future. We try to see you every chance we get, but it is never enough.
Laurie Provost <laurieprovostataol.com>
Laguna Niguel, CA USA - Thursday, October 14, 1999 at 15:10:11 (EDT)
Hi Jeff-
Just saw you & your incredible band at The Jazztrax Festival on Catalina Island. It was, by far, the best of the shows we attended. It went well with the sizzlin good weather! Hope to see you there again soon! SB

Shawn Broes <shawn_broesatcinesite.com>
Hollywood, CA USA - Wednesday, October 13, 1999 at 17:03:49 (EDT)
HI Jeff
looking forward to many wonderful musical efforts from you and your gang at the lounge.......

New York, N Y USA - Saturday, October 09, 1999 at 06:35:19 (EDT)
Hi Jeff,
Love "Out of the Blue". My husband and I were on vacation - cruising thru Vermont and your CD was the perfect accompaniment ! Can't wait to see you in NYC, please play more hometown shows !

Christina <schwabcatsharpsec.com>
, USA - Tuesday, October 05, 1999 at 13:39:09 (EDT)
Hi, Jeff,

I was so excited to see that you're playing with one of MY favorite musicians, Jonny Rosch, on Thursday. Of course, I'm biased; I'm his cousin. Yes, it's one of those things that the family doesn't like to make public, Mr. suave and sophisticated Rosch has a cousin in the hinterlands. Love your music, love his more (what can I say, it's a family thing). Give him my love and also his family. Have a great gig; wish I could be there. Ellie

Elinor Kohler <ellielkatyahoo.com>
Columbus, OH USA - Tuesday, October 05, 1999 at 09:40:04 (EDT)
Hell Jeff and friends of Jeff :)
I had thought I narrowed down my favorite guitar players...Albert Collins, Keb Mo, Gannin, and Marc Antoine...then I heard your cut on DMX and fell in love. I was ranting and raving about it so my husband suprised me with your latest CD--Out Of The Blue..... Thank you for flawless playing with the soul of the masters and the youthfull childlike energies. Truly a master.

Michele Marcelo-Luccketta <ieshellatintegrityent.com>
Monterey Bay Area, CA USA - Sunday, October 03, 1999 at 21:41:13 (EDT)
Greeting from river city! I just want to say how much I enjoyed your show at the MT Hood Festival of Jazz. Without question the best show there. I hope you'll come back and visit us again. You had the crowd in you hands man!I told my friends that this Golub cat was somewhere between Fusion\funk\rock, a perfect evolution
Fred Fleener <ffleeneratflir.com>
Portland, OR USA - Friday, October 01, 1999 at 12:50:22 (EDT)

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