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March, 1999

I'm finally done!!!

I've been spending the last months making sure every detail of this new CD is just the way I want it and now it's done at last.
I'm very excited about this recording because I feel it's the most honest and expressive CD I've done. We've concentrated more on my guitar playing on this record, so we're releasing it as a "Jeff Golub" solo record and NOT "Avenue Blue". It will appropriately titled, "Out of the Blue", (courtesy my Webmistress :), and will be available in stores on May 18th.

The record actually last year when I heard an interview with the late Duke Ellington, taped in the 50's where he stated in his own words, that if the music you make can be easily catagorized, then you're probably not a true artist but more of an immitator of true art, even if the catagory is one that you created yourself, because then you are just immitating your previous work.

This really hit home for me. I've always tried to combine a lot of different influences but to keep them within the smooth jazz genre. I love all these records, but now it's time to move ahead. I wanted to remove all limits as to where the music could go. No preconcieved notions as to what would be created.

I started by choosing Philippe Saisse as a producer. Besides his obvious talents and track record, I liked that he expressed an interest in trying to bring out an aspect of my guitar playing that he heard live but hadn't been fully explored on the previous CD's. This meant a slightly different approach would be set from the start.
After we wrote and compiled the material we wanted to record, we set out to put together an all-star band for the sessions.

As you know, Steve Ferrone has always been at the top of my list of drummers. His work with The Average White Band was very influential on me.
I was thrilled that Tony Levin agreed to play bass. I can't think of anyone who's better at combining jazz, funk, rock and soul into a totally unique approach. (Check out the deep grooves on those Peter Gabriel records ala "Sledge Hammer". Yeow!! )
Even if Philippe wasn't producing, he would have been my first choice as a keyboardist; so now the core rhythm section was set.

This was the band that set up at Avatar Studios in New York and recorded the tracks live. It was a great to have a band of this caliber all in same room improvising , playing off each other, leading each other through the dynamics of different sections and capturing the magic that can only be created in this manner.
Add Ricky Peterson's Hammond B3 organ and Richie Flores' percussion and you have a freight train rhythm section.
Then you put special guests Kirk Whalum, Marc Antoine and of course, Rick Braun on top of it and it just doesn't get any better than that!

As you can see, I'm very excited about this and I can't wait for all of you to hear it.

Other than being obsessed with finishing this record, my life has been pretty uneventful as of late. It's still winter in NYC and I find that kind of annoying so I'm just waiting it out 'till spring. (It won't be long now!)

With spring on the way, the new CD being released and a trip to Costa Rica planned next month, I should have plenty to talk about in my next newsletter.

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